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Notice to Industry Princess Breeding Certificates

The last Princess Certificates are set to expire December 31, 2016. In accordance with previous practice, extensions to this date may be granted by the Program Administrator. Anyone wishing to apply for an extension to a certificate currently expiring in 2016 should do so in writing to the Program Coordinator by March 1, 2017. No further extensions will be granted after this date.

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Notice to Industry Deadlines 1-5-17

Industry participants are reminded of upcoming deadlines for the Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program. To be eligible for 2017 Program benefits, horses must be recorded with the Program Registry by the following deadlines.

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Notice to the Industry

Notice to the Industry with regard to upcoming Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program deadlines.
Program information may be found at in the Breeding Programs section (Quarter Horse).

Download 2016-01 Notice to the Industry – 2016 QH Program Deadlines_FINAL.pdf