2021 Stallion Service Auction program

The QROOI Board of Directors are happy to launch the 2021 Stallion Service Auction program!

All offspring out of stallions that donated a breeding through this program will be eligible for the 2024 Stallion Service Auction Futurity.
Proceeds from the auction will be divided as follows, 30% to the Stallion owner whose foal wins the race, 30% to the Owner who won the race if that owner purchased a breeding to the sire of the winner and 40% will be used to fund the race purse. A minimum of $20,000 will be added, in addition to the auction funds to this programs race purse.

For everyone who buys one of these breeding’s, the resulting foal will be eligible for free nomination and sustaining payments into the 2024 Stallion Service Auction Futurity.

Go to the website at https://qrooi.com/programs/stallions/ to see the list of stallions being offered in 2021 and their current bid price. Contact the QROOI head office in order to place a bid at 905-426-7050 or qrooiheadoffice@gmail.com.

All stallions are eligible to donate breeding’s to this program and are encouraged to contact the QROOI for further information. The QROOI will provide assistance to stallion owners that require the creation of a stallion ad free of charge as part of this program.