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QROOI/Ajax Downs Press Release – March 24th 2020 – Covid-19

The QROOI and Ajax Downs are working to ensure that our industry can survive the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand that this is an unprecedented time. As this crisis continues to escalate we are unable to provide you with a specific timeline for our return to racing. We will, however, continue to send out updates as they become available and encourage you to call or email the QROOI if you have any questions.

At this time, we have decided to cancel the first two weeks of training, this puts our first possible training date at April 20, 2020. As we move forward in these unique and difficult circumstances, we will continue to evaluate the start of training along with the start of racing.

The QROOI and Ontario Racing are working to develop an aid package to help provide our industry with some level of support. This package is intended to ensure that our horses continue to be cared for and trained. Details will be provided to you as soon as something has been approved. We ask that you please send your horse listings into the QROOI at qrooiheadoffice@gmail.com as soon as possible.

The QROOI Stakes entries are due as per the stakes program but payments will not be due at this time. We feel that if changes need to be made to the stakes program that having the number of entries on hand when these decisions are being made will result in the least impact to our membership. We are asking that all forms and nominations continue to be sent into our office.

The QROOI Annual General Meeting has been postponed and combined with our Fall Election meeting in 2020.

The QROOI office is closed indefinitely however we are still checking the mail and answering the telephone/email.

The Horse Purchase Program payments that are due June 1st will be postponed until November 1st.

We understand the uncertainty that this epidemic is causing for all of you. Please continue to self-isolate and practice social distancing and make sure that those of you that are returning from the USA self-quarantine for 14 days to protect everyone. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact any of the Directors.

  • 2020 Board of Directors – Contacts
  • Bob Broadstock – 905-626-8487
  • Chantelle Bourgeois – 416-985-7046
  • James Bogar – 705-879-1565
  • Ralph Pearson – 905-243-4501
  • Amanda McCormack – 705-741-8807
  • Scott Reid – 905-809-0628

Below you will find a variety of links to related COVID -19 information and current industry information

Coronavirus Update from the QROOI/Ajax Downs

Hello all,


As you may or may not be aware, Ajax Downs has temporarily closed it’s off track wagering facility in conjunction with the Casino.  The length of the closure is unknown at this time.  All of this is being done in light of the current global environment with COVID -19.

As for training days, Ajax Downs  current opening training day is planned for Wednesday April 8, 2020.  It will be a breezing only training session.  The next scheduled day would be Wednesday April 15, breezing only once again and then we go to two days per week Mondays and Wednesdays commencing April 20, 2020 with starting gates available. This schedule is still planned to go ahead until further notice and is available on the Ajax Downs website and of course this all very fluid right now and could change at anytime.

If anything changes to the current plan, we will send out another update.

You can visit Ajax Downs website periodically for further information and updates at www.ajaxdowns.com.

If you are travelling or are still out of country as I do know that some of our seasonal staff work / Trainers down south in the off season, in the interest of protecting others in our work environment please self isolate upon your return for a minimum two week period before showing up to our facility as we approach the April 8th timeframe.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.

Attached we have enclosed a couple of government links for your reference and information on the COVID-19 virus and precautions, etc.





Emilio Trotta

Ajax Downs

380 Kingston Rd. E, Ajax Ont. L1Z 1W4

905-686-8001 ext 244

Highlights of 2020 Changes to the Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program

Highlights of 2020 Changes to the

Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program


Highlights of changes to the Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program for 2020 are below.

Embryo Transfer

For resulting foal(s) to be eligible as Ontario Bred:

  • Donor mare will no longer have to serve her residency period in Ontario
  • Recipient mare(s) will be the Ontario Accredited Mare(s) and will be required to meet the residency requirements
  • Multiple foals out of the Donor Mare may be recognized as Ontario Bred

To be eligible for Mare Breeding Incentive

  • Donor mare must meet requirements for Mare Breeding Incentive eligibility
  • Recipient mare(s) must meet residency requirements

Ontario Bred and Ontario Sired Purse Bonus

  • Capped at $6,000 per race

Third Start Bonus

  • Additional $1,000 payment to Owner of horse earning Third Start Bonus, capped at $10,000 per Owner

Princess Breeding Stakes

  • $2,500 Breeding Incentive Certificate to 10 finalists in Princess Breeding Derby, redeemable within 6 years


Enrollment and Licencing for Breeders’ and/or Stallion Awards

  • Deadline for eligibility – 7 days after the last day of racing


For complete details, please refer to the Criteria Book which will be posted on the Ontario Racing website, www.ontarioracing.com or contact:

Kathie Wilkinson
Program Coordinator
Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program
Ontario Racing

Direct: 416-477-5529





By Jennifer Morrison

The Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario, Inc. want to bring new faces into the exciting sport of Quarter Horse racing and for 2020 there are several new and affordable opportunities to buy your own racing Quarter Horse or a share in one.

The QROOI’s First Line Racing Syndicate, in its third year, has already been very successful introducing new people to Quarter Horse ownership. The syndicate is made up of 20 shares in one horse at $2,500 per share which includes all bills. First Line’s 2019 runner, Eye Am the Eagle won four of nine starts in 2019 and is a five-time winner for the group since they bought him in 2018.

Bob Broadstock, president of the QROOI, buys and trains the horses for First Line and is expanding the syndicate this week as he is in Oklahoma City to purchase another horse at the Heritage Place Winter Mixed sale which runs Jan. 16 to 18.

“First Line is getting a second horse this week,” said Broadstock. “I am looking to sell more shares for 2020, ideally to boost it up to 30 shares.”

Broadstock says he will have a draw for a free share at the Can-Am Equine Expo in April at the Markham Fairgrounds and will keep the syndicate open until racing at Ajax begins on May 10.

Eye Am the Eagle, the second horse owned by the syndicate, was swarmed by his numerous, loving owners each time he won last year. Owners also had special events with Broadstock including plenty of meet-and-greets at the farm he owns with wife Marie.

“They never stop enjoying it,’ said Broadstock. “And because of the success of Eagle and how consistent a guy he is, we hope to attract more people.”

Check out Eye Am the Eagle’s victory on Oct. 21, 2019 to see the happy crowd in the winner’s circle, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb-Qjpea6s4

Horse Purchase Program

Broadstock and the QROOI board have also launched the Horse Purchase Program for 2020 in an effort to boost the horse population at Ajax Downs. The HPP allows for prospective buyers to lease a horse purchased by Broadstock at this week’s Heritage sale or take a $5,000 interest-free loan from the QROOI towards buying a horse at the sale.

“Right now we have 20 individually signed contracts for a loan and/or leased horse,” he said. “We have now closed the lease part of it since we are getting to close to the sale but we are keeping the loan part open. I will be able to approve loans right at the sale this weekend.”

Broadstock said of the 20 contracts he already has, about half a dozen of them are from first-time horse buyers.

“The loan was something the QROOI came up with through a committee. People have shown a lot of interest in it and have more confidence in buying a horse for Ajax Downs, noting our new stakes schedule for 2020.”

Among the new stakes for this year is the $50,000 Princess Derby, an open race for 3-year-old fillies.

The lease portion of the HPP requires the horse owner to pay back 20 percent of the horse’s earnings until they pay back the purchase price of the horse or they can buy the horse outright at any time.