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Industry Booklet

The QROOI is creating an Industry Booklet to promote and advertise the Quarter Horse Race Industry in Ontario. It will include information and advertising for all aspects of the industry. The book will include Stallion Ads, Trainer Ads, Horses for Sale, Breeders program information and contacts, Stakes program information, Suppliers, etc.. We are asking participants if they wish to have content included in the booklet to please contact the QROOI by email at or by phone at 905-426-7050. If you do not have an advertisement available and wish to be included we are providing assistance to create the ads.

Ontario Racing has been successful in securing an aid package

The QROOI Board of directors is pleased to announce that Ontario Racing has been successful in securing an aid package for the Ontario Horse Racing Industry. We have attached their official notice below. Although the plan is not perfect, it is meant to ensure that all horses continue to train and receive the type of care that Ontario horse people are proud of. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at Ontario Racing, Ontario Lottery and Gaming and our Provincial government. Most notably to the Honorable Minister of Finance Rod Phillips for providing his support and moving the process along quickly during this unprecedented crisis and to Ontario Racing Management Katherine Curry for her continued dedication to providing a solution to support all three breeds of horse racing in Ontario.

The QROOI would like our membership to continue nominating horses for the stakes program without the requirement for payment of any fees. We intend to make decisions about our racing and stakes program once a more definitive timeline can be established for our return to racing.

We trust that you are all practising social distancing and protecting your families during this most difficult time.

Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Ontario Racing News

Purse Funds of Cancelled Races to continue to support Horsepeople

Ontario Racing is pleased to notify industry participants that – by application – horsepeople will have the opportunity to access certain purse funds that remain available under the Funding Agreement with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) as a result of the suspension of live racing in the province due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These funds were already committed to the industry through the Funding Agreement for Live Horse Racing between Ontario Racing and OLG. To enable this access, Ontario Racing, OLG and the other parties to the Funding Agreement have entered into an amendment to the Funding Agreement, a copy of which will be posted on the Ontario Racing website.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Racing created a task force to address the financial impacts on the horse racing industry. The Ontario Racing Task Force has worked closely with OLG to structure the below interim process which is available to all three breeds – Standardbred, Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive funds pursuant to this interim measure, owners must complete an application which must be submitted to Ontario Racing Management Inc. (ORM). Eligibility requirements for this program include the following:

  • Horses must be trained and raced by an Ontario-based trainer with a valid AGCO license
  • Certification that the horse is resident in Ontario, or has completed a Stall Application for the 2020 race season, or is otherwise verified to be coming to Ontario for the 2020 race season
  • The horse’s first start following the resumption of racing in Ontario must be at an Ontario track, unless otherwise approved by Ontario Racing
  • Horses must be at least 3 years old, and either have not yet raced or have raced since January 1, 2019

Subject to meeting the above eligibility criteria, for the months of April and May, should racing continue to be suspended, racehorse owners will be eligible to receive the following payments, each of which is estimated to cover half of the monthly costs associated with boarding, feed and training fees (veterinary, blacksmith, shipping, and other fees are not included in this estimate):

Thoroughbreds $1,500/month
Standardbred $1,000/month
Quarter Horse $750/month

Horse owners can apply for payments under this interim measure by submitting an application form to Ontario Racing, c/o Sarrah Young Application forms will be available on the Ontario Racing website.

Standardbred horses that were qualified to race during the last week of March will be eligible to each receive $300, and drivers and trainers will receive 5% up to an accumulated maximum of $25,000 for each group.
If the suspension of live horse racing in Ontario as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic continues beyond May 31, 2020, the Task Force intends to present a revised proposal to OLG for the reallocation of purse funds under the Funding Agreement, which will include payments for 2-year-old racehorses as well.

Ontario Racing will continue to pay the 1.5% of purses to the horseperson’s associations so they can continue to offer benefits, benevolence activities and additional assistance to those in need.

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Notice to the Industry

Ontario-racingThe Ontario government has announced a long-term funding agreement for the horse racing industry that will provide up to $105 million each year over 19 years, beginning in 2019. This agreement is aimed at strengthening and sustaining horse racing and breeding in Ontario. It will provide nearly two decades of stable funding to increase the vitality of the industry in the province. Read More →

Notice to Industry Princess Breeding Certificates

The last Princess Certificates are set to expire December 31, 2016. In accordance with previous practice, extensions to this date may be granted by the Program Administrator. Anyone wishing to apply for an extension to a certificate currently expiring in 2016 should do so in writing to the Program Coordinator by March 1, 2017. No further extensions will be granted after this date.

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Notice to Industry Deadlines 1-5-17

Industry participants are reminded of upcoming deadlines for the Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program. To be eligible for 2017 Program benefits, horses must be recorded with the Program Registry by the following deadlines.

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