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2021 Updated Racing Schedule

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2021 Updated QROOI Stakes Schedule

As it stands now, Horse racing will be allowed in the first phase of reopening which is currently set for June 14, 2021. Ajax Downs will now start the Quarter Horse race season on Wednesday June 16, 2021. Of course this is all dependent on the government and if another extension is put in place or not. However, all current indications are that we should be good to race on June 16th for Opening Day. The QROOI Board is pleased to release the updated Stakes schedule. Please see the link for the stakes schedule and calendar. Nomination and sustaining payment dates will be posted on our website. If you have any questions or comments please contact the office at 905-426-7050 or by email at Looking forward to a safe and successful 2021 Race Season!

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Quarter Horse Racing Schedule 2021

Please see a finalized schedule, based on our recent AGCO approval of our 2021 Race Dates. It has our 25 approved Race Dates, plus Workout days.
We will be racing on Wednesdays (not Sundays as originally thought, given current circumstances), with a Friday entry day (May – Sept). We will morph into Mondays in September (as in years past) with a Thursday entry day.
You’ll also notice our Post Time for Wednesday racing of 1:30pm. We hope to take advantage of the weather and some wagering opportunities with this Start Time. Come Mondays in September, we’ll go back to our traditional 12:55pm Post Time.

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