First Line Racing Syndicate

First Line Racing Syndicate from QROOI

Are you looking for a unique, fun and exciting adventure? Do you enjoy horse racing? Have you thought about horse ownership? But, didn’t know where or how to begin.  If so, then join First Line Racing.  A syndicate created to introduce like-minded people to the sport of quarter horse racing.

As part of the syndicate, you will get to see what goes on behind the scenes.  Have access to the barns to visit with your horse, before and after the race.  Attend training days to watch & learn how they prepare for the races. Not only that, but you will meet many great people in the syndicate and within the quarter horse racing community.  You will be able to visit the farm to visit with your horse when not at the track.  We also have a special day for the group at Ajax Downs during the racing season and meet during the offseason to socialize and catch up.  Of course, we all gather on race day to cheer our horse on.  I am sure if you been at the track when Eye Am The Eagle has raced. You’ve heard us!

The feeling you will get cheering on “Your” horse is thrilling.  And, if you’re lucky and “Your” horse wins…. Whoa!  It’s hard to put into words the high you’ll feel. Win or lose, it’s a blast!

In our first 2 years with Eye Am The Eagle we had an incredible run.  He had 5 wins, 3 – 2nd place finishes & 4 – 3rd place finishes in 19 starts.  Wow!  What an unbelievable and amazing 2 seasons we have had.  We look forward to what the next 2 seasons may hold.

Eye Am The Eagle and The Kingsmann - First Line Racing Joining Eye Am The Eagle (L) is The Kingsmann (R), a 3-year-old bay gelding and like Eagle, he is a handsome fella! He has great bloodlines and his brother is a winner of over $1.5 million.   We will now have 2 horses racing this season and in 2021.  So, double the fun for the next 2 years!

See below, what some FLR members have to say.

For a one-time fee, you will get 1 share and 2 years of unbelievable excitement.

So, come, join the fun and be a part of First Line Racing.

First Line Racing members say:

  • Joining the syndicate has been a rewarding experience for us.  We’ve learned a lot about horses & horse racing.  Plus, we have met a lot of fantastic people. What makes it so great is that we were all brought together by three common interests: The love of horses, horse racing & the love for excitement!
  • I joined FLR to keep my fathers love of horse racing alive, best decision I have made.  I have learned a lot about how racing works, how to bet to win and I have met an amazing group of fellow owners.