Notice to the Industry – Upcoming Deadlines

October 28 (7 days after the last day of racing)

Third Start Bonus

Third Start Bonus applications due to QROOI office.


November 5 (15 days after the last day of racing) 

Breeder and Stallion Awards

Breeders and Stallion owners need to be enrolled in the Program. Each individual, partnership, syndicate or corporation listed as Breeder of Record or Stallion owner of an eligible horse must be registered separately in the Program and hold a valid AGCO Program license in order to be eligible for awards.

Stallion owners must be Ontario Resident and stallions must register as an Ontario Accredited Stallion in the current racing year. In order to receive Stallion Awards, owners of retired or deceased stallions must have an application on file for each year that the stallion has progeny racing.

Applications to Record and Owner/Lessee/Group can be found on the Ontario Racing website


Mare Breeding Incentive

Applications due to Ontario Racing


November 30

Stallion Awards

Stallion owners – Report of Mares Bred needs to be submitted no later than November 30 in order for the stallion to retain his accreditation status for the year.


For more information, please contact:

Kathie Wilkinson
Program Coordinator
Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program
Ontario Racing

Direct: 416-477-5529