Press Release – Board of Directors Election – AGM Meeting

On October 13th, 2023 nominations closed for the current President, Vice President and Director positions on the QROOI Board. Bob Broadstock and Chantelle Bourgeois agreed to stand for re-election and as no other nominations were received. We would like to congratulate them both on another 3 year term.  Director Ralph Pearson has chosen not to run. We thank Ralph for all his years of dedicated and passionate service on the Board. Corey Illman was nominated to run for Director. With no other nominations received, The QROOI would like to congratulate and welcome Corey for a three year term on the Board.

Our AGM will be held on Saturday October 28th at 1pm to discuss other business in the Lower Level Meeting at Ajax Downs.

Here is a list of your current Board of Directors and their terms;

President – Bob Broadstock – 3 years

Vice President – Chantelle Bourgeois – 3 years

Director – Corey Illman – 3 years

Director – Sean Slater – 1 year

Director – Brooke Sisson – 1 year

Director – Amanda McCormack – 2 years

Director – Scott Reid – 2 years

Lunch and refreshments will be provided after the meeting….