Stallion Auctions

2023 Final

Following is a list of stallions sold through the QROOI Stallion Service Auction
and the breedings that are still available for purchase.
Stallions that did not get a minimum bid are available now below.
For more information or to buy a breeding:
Please contact Monique McNamara at 905-426-7050 or by email to


The QROOI Board of Directors is happy to announce that the Stallion Auction proceeds/benefits will include a 2026 Stallion Auction Futurity Stakes Race. All offspring from stallions that donated a breeding through this program will be eligible. Proceeds from the auction will be divided as follows, 30% to the Stallion Owner whose foal wins the race. 30% to the Owner who won the race if that owner purchased a breeding to the sire of the winner and 40% will go to fund the purse.
For everyone who buys one of these breeding’s you get free nomination and sustaining payments into this Stake Race.
Stallions Still Available for Purchase

Final Bids Stallion Auction 2023






Stallion Auction Final

updated stallion auction list by QROOI


QROOI Stallion Auction- Final