Proposed New Programs for 2023 – Dates to Be Determined

Proposed New Programs for 2023 – Dates to Be Determined

Guaranteed Stater Bonus

The group acknowledged that costs are increasing and that investment needs to encourage participation while ensuring that minimum revenues for horsemen are attractive. This discussion led to the addition of a Guaranteed Starter Bonus to be paid out to horses that finish 6th through 10th and at a rate of $300 per start. This is a significant increase that the current 1% of purse that has is currently paid. This change will also benefit horses that Win or finish second with the required purse payout structure changes.

Currently                                                       2023

First                46%                                        First                50%

Second           24%                                        Second           25%

Third               12%                                        Third               12%

Forth               8%                                          Fourth             8%

Fifth                5%                                          Fifth                5%

Six thru 10      1%                                          Six thru 10      $300

Starting Bonus in May

The group also discussed the difficulties that we have filling races in May as well as the need for programs that will encourage horses to return to racing. It is for these reasons that we have established a new Starting Bonus for all horses that make a start during the month of May. The Bonus will be paid through the horsemen’s account to the owner of the horse that makes the start and will be paid at a rate of $1500 per horse. The program had some success at other tracks and we believe that this can work at Ajax Downs. This payment will also provide owners with a significant injection of funds early in the season when most needed.

Princess Breeding Incentive – Transfer

In an effort to encourage additional breeding we have elected to bring back the Princess Breeding Incentive transfer. This would allow an owner to transfer the Incentive to another mare that he/she owns while allowing for the horse that earned the incentive to continue racing. Details will be provided as part of an Ontario Racing application form to be approved in late January.

Stakes Program Discussion

Attached to this document you will find the final Stakes proposal being brought forward by this committee for your review. We acknowledge that the stakes program has not been attracting enough entries and that it is typically the program that people evaluate when making purchase or breeding decisions. We intend to finalize this program as soon as possible.

Entry/Nomination payments to be 1% of added money, while all races will have a time of entry late nomination fee that is 5% of added money.

The committee had compiled a list of horses from all trainers at Ajax Downs for the 2023 racing season. This information was critical to the discussion surrounding the stakes program as well as the race condition discussion. Download the excel sheet here