QROOI Racing Syndicate Press Release

Press Release – April 19th, 2016 – QROOI Racing Syndicate

Another information meeting was held on April 16th, 2016 for those interested in participating in a Racehorse Syndicate Ownership. The meeting was very well attended, with many of the enthusiastic participants having learned of the Syndicate when visiting our booth at the recent Can-Am Equine Expo. The meeting was very informative, and there were many questions asked and answered. Four of the attendees have already purchased a share, and the first syndicate will be formed and ready to go by May 1st.
Each syndicate will have 20 shares at a cost of $2,500. The syndicate trainer will be selected by the shareholders by majority vote, and it will be required that the trainer purchases at least one share. Any trainers that are interested in participating in the syndicate will be invited to present their information to the syndicate members – the application should include their training day rate, commission percentage, blacksmith rates, and all other costs that may or may not be charged throughout the season. Each syndicate will also have a syndicate manager who will work with the trainer in the day to day decisions about the care and training of the horse. The manager must also be a shareholder. When the syndicate is complete and ready to go, they will be looking to purchase or lease a racehorse. This will be a horse that has raced already and thus not a two-year-old.

There are still a few opportunities to become a Shareholder in this first Quarter Horse Racing Syndicate. The Syndicate will be having another meeting for the Shareholders before the end of April. You must be a Shareholder in order to attend. We encourage all trainers who would like to be the Syndicate trainer to contact the office for details as the Syndicate must choose their trainer. Interested trainers will be invited to attend this next meeting in order to present their information.

If you are interested in participating in the Syndicate, whether as the trainer or to purchase a share or if you have a horse to sell or lease that would be of interest to the Syndicate, please contact Monique at the QROOI office at 905-426-7050 or email to qrooiheadoffice@gmail.com. Monique will answer any questions you may have.