TRAINERS MEETING May 14, 2020 1:00 PM

We are looking forward to our first virtual trainers meeting to be held this Thursday.  We will be using Microsoft Teams for the meeting, please click the link below to join our team and install the software.
We will be available to test everyone’s connection to the meeting starting at 11 am on Thursday morning.  Please advise the office that you intend to join the meeting and setup the software so that we can ensure a prompt start time at 1pm.
We intend to discuss the COVID 19 protocols that will be in place when we start training/racing in 2020.  We believe that these protocols and your support/adherence to them are critical to ensure that we have a safe environment for all participants.
The meeting will provide a detailed slide presentation and there will be time for Questions and Answers, we look forward to hearing from you all on Thursday.